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Welcome to BecomingJordan.com, a millennial's guide to finishing school, getting a job, looking fabulous, and eating delicious foods along the way.

I'm Jordan, and my goal is to inspire you to do better. Eat better, travel better, sleep better, work better, and so much more. How am I going to do this, you ask? Simple, I'm going to test everything out on myself first, share my results with you, and do my darnedest to get you hyped up along the way. I also want to keep you motivated along the way with stories, videos, and so much more.

This project is so important to me because I am basing everything I talk about on this blog off of my past worries, experiences, trial and triumphs. I want to take you with me as I share my stories and how I overcame everything. From this blog, you can expect topics such as body image, body positivity, work-life balance, healthy eating, my battle with my weight, relationship troubles, stories of overcoming my anxiety and oh so much more.

This blog is my story. It's an endless novel with new chapters coming to you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Let's motivate each other and tackle this thing called life.

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About Jordan

Hi again! I'm Jordan, and I am the owner of Becoming Jordan. My goal is to use Becoming Jordan to help others who has possibly gone through similar hardships as I have in the past. As someone who is recovering from an eating disorder while still trying to lose weight, I have a unique perspective on body image, body positivity, and what being plus-sized really means. I also struggle majorly with anxiety and sometimes have depressive episodes. Becoming Jordan is going to be my means of sharing how I overcame my struggles and (hopefully) inspiring others with similar issues as me to keep going. We create our own happiness. Let's work together to spread it throughout the world.
This is Jordan.Taken in Tacoma, WA in December, 2016

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