Welcome to Becoming Jordan!

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to BecomingJordan.com!

I'm on a journey to health and happiness! If you're new here, I'd suggest you check out my story here (it's ever-unfolding). I post on here every Tuesday and Thursday, so be sure to check back regularly! 

A little about me: I'm Jordan, a 20-something girl on a journey to health, happiness, and a whole lot more. While weight loss is a huge goal of mine, I want to do way more than that. I want to inspire women to push through their tough life challenges while traversing this adventure called life. Even more so, I'm going to do this by showing YOU what it's taking ME to attack my goals head-on. 

It's a long, daring, exciting journey ahead, and I truly hope that my words and stories inspire you to do more, to become more.

So let's gooooo!


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