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10 More Lessons

50 Lessons in 50 Pounds: Part 2

Why hello again! I hope you are having an absolutely fantastic Tuesday (or whatever day you are reading this)! I am sitting around, cup of tea in hand, about ready to head off to the gym again. Last week, I posted the first post in this series (check it out here if you haven’t yet), and you guys seemed to really like it! So continuing onward, here are 10 more lessons that I learned after losing 50 pounds:

11. There are many ways to get to all of your goals.

Create a plan, and if that plan doesn’t work, create a new plan. But always have that goal you want to achieve in mind!

12. Start over as many times as you need to, but don’t ever stop (unless you have to).

Likewise, if what you’re doing isn’t working and you fall off the rail a little bit, then get right back on and keep going. This is the fourth time I’ve tried to lose the weight (and by far the most successful). But going through these huge mental and physical changes is really tough, and sometimes things happens. I fell into an eating disorder the last time that I tried to lose weight. Just take care of yourself and then get right back to it if it’s something that you really want to do.

13. Get your friends to push you. You’ll be surprised what happens.

So I started off on my journey being really shy about telling those I know personally about my health and fitness goals and aspirations. Once I did start letting friends and family know what I was doing, however, going to the gym and losing weight in general became SO MUCH easier. I started working out with friends, I showed them my blog, I told them about what was going on in my head… And it was like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders.

14. Celebrate your milestones.

Remember that literal mile stone my friend made me? Get some of those going on! I’m not saying you have to sit down and paint rocks to give to yourself, but definitely set aside some ways to celebrate your big milestones on this journey.

15. Don’t start losing weight by severely cutting your calories.

This was the big mistake that I ALWAYS made when I started losing weight. Every time in the past, I started off by knocking my calories down to 1200-1500 a day, and it was never something that I could stick to. In the end, I’d binge, get frustrated, and give up. So this time around, for the first 3 months, I only restricted calories to 2000 a day. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, I still lost about 20 pounds eating that much!

16. Try a new recipe at least once a week.

This one is more of a goal than a lesson I’ve learned. Sometimes, it’s really hard to stick to eating the same thing all day, every day. Other times, that’s all I want to do. Pushing myself out of that comfort zone of what foods I think I like makes cooking and meal prepping way more fun (and helps me become a lot less of a picky eater. Heh).

17. Slowly start eating healthier over time.

Similar to the calorie restriction lesson, if you start off going from eating a bunch of sugar and other junk foods every day to only eating veggies and protein shakes, you’re not going to want to stay on track. This whole thing is a lifestyle change, not just some diet you’re doing for a few days. I started off still eating a ridiculous amount of sourdough bread and even still eating out on the weekends. I still lost weight and survived. Take things out and replace them with healthier choices slowly.

18. Your taste changes.

I mentioned this one in my 8 Things I’ve Learned About Weight Loss This Winter post. When I started losing weight, I couldn’t drink milk and protein shakes disgusted me. Now I start my day off with a protein shake, and sometimes even make a super tasty chocolate peanut butter one for dessert 🙂 I think they’re delicious now. Same goes for spinach, pears, and I’m working on onions now. It takes time, but what you like eating completely changes as more food is introduced to you.

19. Protein is a beautiful macro.

Protein shakes, protein bars, protein cookies… I never understood what all the hype was around this macronutrient. But now I do! Consuming protein is great because it keeps you satiated for longer and it’s in so many tasty things already (like all meats… :D).

20. Always keep exploring.

I am a huge proponent of adventuring. Like seriously, I must say the word “adventure” at least 82 times a day. But regardless of that, trying new things and going to different places became my favorite way to top off my fitness routines. There was a time this spring that I set off to try as many new fitness classes that I could. Then, I started running outside. Now, I’m getting ready for that mud run. Keep trying new things, it’s so worth it.

50 lessons from losing fifty pounds part two

What awesome new fitness routine are you going to try this week? Let me know in the comments, and check back here next Tuesday for lessons 21 through 30!

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