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On Macros, Goals, and More

50 Lessons in 50 Pounds Part 3

Hello hello hello! Happy Tuesday to you! How’s everything going so far this week? I’m a nervous ball of anxiety, because I just purchased my mud run ticket for next month!! It’s officially official now, I’m doing the Warrior Dash! More on that in a different post though. For now, here are 10 more lessons of the 50 that I learned while losing 50 (well, 53 now) pounds! Today, we are looking at macros, goals, and more!

21. Don’t be afraid of fat.

There’s been this weird misconception about fat that it’s the worst thing in the world for you or something. I’m no expert on macros, but I know it’s definitely not. Harvard Health agrees with me.

22. Set crazy goals, but give yourself time to complete them.

I didn’t really overtly state it in the beginning, but my ultimate goal from the get go was to lose 100 pounds. Saying that while weighing in at 273 pounds was crazy to me. But I gave myself the time to do that. I want to be less than 200 pounds by my 24th birthday (coming in December), and then by next spring, hit that goal weight of 173ish. While 100 pounds is a lot of weight, setting attainable mini-goals throughout the process is really helping me keep to them.

23. Don’t be afraid of Sodium.

Sodium is another one of those things that everyone is afraid to consume. But trust me, in moderation, the stuff is great! Sodium is not going to be the deciding factor for whether or not you lose weight this week. Just don’t overdo it.

24. Focus on the changes, not the numbers.

Remember when I said I plateaued for almost two months at 49.5 pounds? For at least some of that period, it was a lot more of “I was replacing my fat with muscle” than a “I was lazy and ate too much” sort of deal. A pound of muscle is denser than a pound of fat. Your body is still changing, regardless of what the scale says. Just keep making healthier choices.

25. Don’t be afraid of sugar.

At the end of the day, food is not your enemy. It is sincerely okay to indulge every once in awhile on something sugary and delicious. My little sister’s birthday was last week, and you can BET I had some of her red velvet cake. And yes, I still lost two pounds last week.

26. Being sore the next day is not a direct reflection of how good the workout was.

In the past, I thought that if I could move the next day, that I did not work out hard enough. While I still love the feeling of being sore from an exceptionally tough workout, I’ve come to realize that that is just not the case. I can go crazy in the gym and still sometimes not get that soreness afterwards. It happens. Just keep going hard and improving every time.

27. Take waaaaaay more before pictures than you think you’ll need.

Do you know how many before pictures I have of me at my highest weight? None. 0. Zilch. And trust me, I am kicking myself about it now. I have a few photos of myself when I was around-ish my biggest weight, but none of them are full-body shots and I only have one side-view (in poor lighting too). It’s embarrassing now, but you’ll thank yourself later. Promise.

28. You are literally reinventing yourself. Make her someone you love.

This is a total transformation of your mind and body. You’re going to come out of this totally different than you started. Now is the time to build yourself into that person that you want to become. Try things you’ve always wanted to try. Meet new people. BUY THAT PUPPY. Become the you you want to be.

29. Don’t be afraid of talking about yourself.

This is one of those things that creating this blog has helped me with IMMENSELY. I’ve always had trouble talking about myself with other people. I always try to focus my attention on whoever I’m talking to to specifically avoid talking about myself. But you know what? I’m interesting too. And so are you. Tell people about what you love, your favorite songs, all that stuff. People want to know YOU.

30. You don’t have to work out for hours a day to see results.

When I started going to the gym every weekday, I only worked out for maybe 30-35 minutes. I lost 20 pounds with just that fitness routine and eating 2000 calories a day. Don’t overthink the gym. You’ll get there.

50 lessons in 50 pounds

Do you have any hints and tricks for weight loss that you just love? Leave them in the comments below! And if you want more motivation and inspiration throughout the week, go ahead and follow me on Instagram. I’m on there just about every day of the week!

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