My First Mud Run | My Journey Journal 17

My First Mud Run

My Journey Journal 17

Hello there! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I’m so sorry (again) for the delay in blog posts (…again :O). I ended up picking up a new job, and spent the rest of my time working on my business (…………..again). But I’m here and back now! And man has it been an exciting couple of months. I ran my first mud run, I started flipping tires at the gym, and I’M OFFICIALLY DOWN 60 POUNDS!!!! So let’s chat:

My First Mud Run


Scared and shaking, I drove up to this big farm in Sumner, WA where I awaited (what felt like) my imminent death. But it was anything but that. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t by any means easy for me: there were at least 6 times where I thought I was going to get stuck on an obstacle I was on. But 7 of those 6 times, I made it through those obstacles.

Was it graceful? No. I looked like a penguin trying to fly the entire time (just trust me on that one…) Was it full of obstacles that I was excited about trying to complete? Also no. I was scared absolutely the entire time I was on that course. But am I going to do more mud runs in the future? 100% yes without a doubt.

It’s been an entire month since I’ve run that mud run, and I still can’t put into words the sheer feeling of elation and accomplishment that came over me after I finished running. It was a high that I had never felt before. I’ve never been more proud of myself for finishing something that I started, and I need to do it again. Consider me hooked.

New Gym, AGAIN

You know, when I started this whole “weight loss” thing almost a year ago, I didn’t expect it to be nearly as much as an adventure as it turned out to be. I thought I would stay at one gym, work out with a personal trainer for the first few months to learn what I needed to learn, then do whatever workouts that were on my predetermined schedule until I weighed X amount of pounds.

NOPE! Currently, I’m on gym number 4 (2 gyms closed, 2 I just flat-out didn’t like working out in). I’m messing with my workouts every single week (it goes from tire-flipping and deadlifts to Pop Pilates and Yoga. All over the place). I’m running, swimming, doing obstacle courses, possibly getting certified as a Zumba instructor, and still trying to figure out how to lift heavy things…

But let’s be real. I wouldn’t really want it any other way. I’m too adventurous to stick with one thing over and over every single day.  So I’ll keep my crazy weird gym schedule and my ever-changing gym memberships.

60 Pounds Down!!

Last week, I hit the big 60-pound mark! Getting this far is absolutely insane to me. I honestly didn’t think that I was going to be able to stay this consistent for this long. I honestly thought I would have given up on my weight loss efforts by this point.

But oh no, we’re going all this way with this, and I am just building momentum as I go. There’s so much more that I want to do, so many more things to check-off my NSV check list. Trust me, we are JUST getting started.

Now here’s 60 lessons I’ve learned along the way:



Just kidding. Not this time.

becomingjordan mud run warrior dash warrior dash 5k

Alright, that’s all for this week’s post! Next week, we’re going a little bit more informational and looking at some common weight loss myths that I see around the internet a lot. For more routine motivation, check out my Instagram account. I’m very active on there!

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