My Goals for My 24th Year

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Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope you are having an absolutely amazing beginning to December, I know that I am. Last Saturday just so happened to be my 24th birthday (woo!!), and I got to spend it adventuring through Seattle. I feel so lucky to be living the life that I am on days like that, it’s amazing

After my adventure, I took some time to reflect on this past year of my life. A lot has happened: I lost 65 pounds, I ran a mud run and a 5K, I started my own business, I started this here blog, and so much more. I’m hoping for just as much change and growth this next year, if not even more! So while reflecting, I came up with 18 goals that I would like to complete by my 25th birthday. Some are fitness related, some are more personal-development-ish, and some are work related. 

Here are my 18 goals for my 24th year:

My Goals for My 24th Year

18 Fitness, Personal Development, and Work-Related Goals

Goals for my 24th year on fitness, personal development, and work

Fitness Goals

I have decided to stop focusing as much energy on weight loss, and more energy on teaching my body to do cool things. I am still going to track my weight loss (my overall goal is still 20-40 pounds away, after all), but I’m tired of stressing over the scale, and want to put my intentions elsewhere. So, instead of weight loss milestones, I have goals based on different things that I would love to do in this year.

1. Run 2 More Mud Runs

What can I say? Running that first Warrior Dash really sparked something in me. I have never felt pure euphoria like I did in the hours after finishing that thing. I’m hooked. I want to build up my upper-body strength and do some more next summer!

2. Swim a Mile

Since I was a little kid, I had always loved the water. The best thing in the world to me was driving down the Oregon Coast to Manzanita Beach to swim in the ocean (to my dad’s horror). In college, my favorite form of stress relief was lap swimming in the athletic center pool. Now, I am just starting to get back into lap swimming, and want to swim a mile without stopping. I’m currently about halfway there, so hopefully I can knock this goal out of the park pretty quickly.

3. Run A Few More 5Ks

Just like the Mud Run, after running my first 5K back in July, I realized why people love running so much. Especially since you can run just about anywhere outside, there’s tons of different types of 5Ks, and getting ready for one doesn’t require a gym. I’m thinking about running one of those night 5ks, a boozy 5k, and maybe even a bubble run.

4. Do The Splits

Let me explain this one a little bit: I have been upping my weight training in the gym a little bit lately, and I am SORE ALL THE TIME. I also almost never stretch before or after working out (that’s bad). So, I’m thinking, if I have some goals related to stretching, then maybe I’ll actually stretch before and after my workouts a little bit. Ideally, I’d stretch at least 6 days a week, but I have a feeling it’s going to look more like 3-4, but we’ll see what happens.

5. Become a Group X Instructor

I started off this health and fitness journey in a group exercise class, and I think it’s time I start helping others the way that these classes helped me throughout this entire journey. I’ve narrowed my “possible instructor opportunities” down to two: I’ll either teach Zumba or Pop Pilates. I love both, but I know that I really will only have the time to commit to one. Decisions, decisions.

6. Take a “Real” Dance Class

When I was a junior in college, I took a modern dance class. It was super difficult, I couldn’t do all the moves right, and I probably like I was in pain and exhausted the entire time. I can’t let this memory be one of my few with dancing! So, I want to take a dance class somewhere this year, and see what my body can do fluidly again.

Goals for my 24th year on fitness, personal development, and work

Personal Development Goals

In order to keep constantly growing and flourishing, both mentally and physically, I want to focus more on my personal development this year. After changing my appearance so much last year, I almost feel like I need to “get to know myself” again. I feel like a completely different person these days (which is amazing, but also kind of confusing). So I want to spend more time reflecting and re-figuring out myself.

7. Read At Least 6 Books

Last year, I set out to read a book every single month. After about April, that fell apart. I just got too busy and reading books became less of a priority. But I miss sitting down somewhere and reading a good book, tea in hand, relaxing after a long day. So I’m going to bring this back.

Three books that I am looking forward to either reading or re-reading this year are (and here is where the “affiliate links clause comes in”):

Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps)

Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationship with Food Through Myths, Metaphors, and Storytelling

Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead


8. Travel to Two Places I’ve Never Been Before

I still have a little bit of a wanderlust, and really want to get out of my comfort zone and go to some completely new places. The dream would be to get out of the country at least once this year, but we will see what happens.

9. Participate in #SelfCareSunday Weekly

With all of these projects going on lately, I haven’t had much time to really focus on myself. I’m hoping that dedicating an entire day to my own self care will help me relieve some stress and feel all-around better mentally and emotionally. Self care will most likely look different every week, but we’ll see what I choose to do on those days as they come up.

10. Fill a Sketchbook with Drawings, Doodles, and Diagrams

Every year since my sophomore year of highschool, I have made it a point to try to get better at drawing. Results have been… Mixed usually. I’ve decided that this is my year to practice my hardcore doodling skills and fill an entire sketchbook with all of my work. I’m excited to see how this turns out!

11. Have a Cheat Meal Day Scheduled Monthly

So far, the hardest part of my weight loss has been controlling my portions, and then not overeating at night. Earlier last year, I set-aside days where I could eat whatever I wanted for a meal, as long as I tracked it. Somewhere along the road, I stopped doing this, and the result has been that my diet has gotten a lot more… Processed and fatty. While I am not eating healthier specifically for weight loss this time around, I still want to eat healthier so that my workouts are more effective.

12. Go on Two Solo Adventures Monthly

I am very much an introvert, and love my alone time. But I also love adventuring and doing new things. Honestly, I’ve spent way too much time recently not doing the things that I want to do, because I’ve had no one to do them with. So this year, I’m making it a goal to go out and make some awesome memories on my own.

Goals for my 24th year on fitness, personal development, and work

Work Related Goals

Aside from this blog, I also help other online influencers with a variety of different things. I’m lucky enough to call this my full-time job. But having my own business means that I get to call all of the shots, and usually never stop working. This has paid a major toll on my personal life, so I thought I was make some work related goals as well for my 24th year. Please, go ahead and keep me accountable on these this year!

13. Guest Post on Websites At Least Once Per Month

At the beginning of last year, I did a few guest posts here-and-there. (One of my favorites was my post on why I started writing on Hodgepodge Moments.) I want to do more of these! Truth be told, writing is my passion, and I miss spending so much time writing both here and for other bloggers. So, I’m going to do a little bit more of that!

14. Take a Copywriting Class

In order to write more (and actually be helpful), I want to up my skills a little bit. The best way that I’ve thought to do that is to learn copywriting. Writing sales pages, social media posts, and blog content is already something that I’ve played with, but I always feel like my writing could be so much better for my clients. So, enter a copywriting course.

15. Post Blog Posts 1-2 Times Per Week

Hey, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed talking to you. I’ve been slacking on our relationship, and I am SO sorry for that. I’m making it a goal to do better this coming year. So, definitely without a doubt, there will be a new blog post up every Tuesday. There may also be a new post up some other day of the week (just as a little bonus). The other post will most likely be a My Journey Journal post, so look out for more of those coming :).

16. Take Weekends OFF

In October, I decided to pick up a part-time job at the Y. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it has added just another bog stressful thing to my already pretty full plate. So, in other to (again) relieve some stress and focus more on my mental health, I am going to take the weekends off from both my part-time job and my full-time business. This means five days a week of beautiful chaos, then relaxing and debriefing over the weekend.

17. Schedule Out Workdays

Productivity is important. I’ve found that Pomodoro is the way to go to get as much done as possible through the workday. But I have a big problem with deciding what is important to do during my workdays as of late. I have a to-do list that’s about 7 miles long, and am just going around in circles. So, I plan on fixing this with a little bit more structure and scheduling.

18. Learn Photography

This could definitely help me in business, but in reality, it’s just something fun that I would like to learn 🙂


Goals for my 24th year on fitness, personal development, and work. This is everything I plan on doing before my 25th birthday. Lots of running, mud runs, swimming, stretching, becoming a group fitness instructor, dancing, reading, traveling, practicing self care, and more.

So there we go! Those are my goals for my 24th year. What goals do you want to make this coming year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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