The Last 50 | 50 Lessons in 50 Pounds

The Last 50

50 Lessons in 50 Pounds Part 5

Whoa, could it be? Is this really the last set of lessons that I’ve learned from losing 50 pounds? I can’t even believe it. As we wrap up this series, I’d like to thank everyone who has read all of these posts. My greatest lesson so far in this journey has been making sure to share what I’m doing with others, and it’s a pleasure being able to share my stories with you.

But before I get too sentimental, here are the last 50 lessons that I’ve learned from losing 50 pounds:

41. Yeah, you may have to wake up EARLY.

Hello, yes. I am currently writing this at exactly 5:01 AM on Labor Day. As I work from home, I thought that I was never going to have to have these early morning wake-ups again, but that’s not the actual case. Anyways…

But regardless of your schedule, you will have to make some new time in your day to get that workout in. When I started off, I woke up about 2-3 hours earlier than I had previously to workout, and that was more than enough.

42. Make your workouts more enjoyable with friends.

This came to a big surprise to me when I was first starting out: working out with my friends wasn’t awful. In fact, I sort of prefer it now. Ask people around you who are supporting your weight loss efforts the most if they’d like to join you at the gym or on a run and see what happens!

43. Keep a food/weight log.

(This is the almost standard part of this blog post where I scream about My Fitness Pal from the heavens.) Keeping track of what you’re eating is a great tool when you’re first starting out. It can hold you accountable to exactly what you’re eating, and show you how different foods affect your weight on different days. It’s helped me tremendously these past 10 months.

44. Sleep in at least once a week.

Like, not just that “it’s the weekend I’m not working” sleeping in. I’m talking about making sleeping the number one priority for a day once a week.

I started doing this back in March, and it has made all the difference in my weight loss and my personal well being. I do this Saturday night into Sunday.

45. Get on social media!

Social Media is this amazing tool that can help cheer you on on your weight loss journey and connect you with people all over the world who are doing the same. I know that in my little Instagram community I have people from the UK, Australia, and South Africa. It’s amazing what sort of connections you can get from sharing your story online.

46. Say what you believe and believe what you say!

If you’re doing that social media thing (or interacting with people in general, really), be a genuine person. Don’t sit behind a laptop and spew nonsense just because you think that that’s what someone else wants to hear. Share YOUR OWN stories and experiences. Be interesting, because you are interesting.

47. It may take a while to learn to love your body.

When I was younger, I thought that thinner people naturally loved their bodies more, because it was closer to society’s ideal standard of beauty. NOPE! I was completely wrong.

You don’t start loving your body more because you’ve lost weight, or gained muscle, or whatever. You start loving your body more because you put in the effort of seeing what it really looks like, fat, cellulite, stretch marks and all, and still see it as a beautiful thing that can do a lot of cool stuff.

Love your body because it’s YOURS, not because it’s thin or more leaned out now.

48. Make prizes for when you crush your goals.

When I was getting close to losing around 40 pounds, I sat down with a friend of mine and we mapped out what we were going to do for each big milestone coming up. 40 pounds was a hike, 50 was the fair (coming soon!), and 60 is ziplining. They give me something to look forward to and incentivise keeping my nutrition clean and my fitness ongoing.


Something that I overlooked entirely the first few months of heading into the gym: stretching afterwards. LET ME TELL YOU how much my life changed after I started incorporated stretching into my daily routine: it was night and day. I was less sore the next day, I didn’t injure myself as much, I could run farther… It was amazing. So be sure to remember to stretch after your workouts at the very least.

50. And Finally…

Do not forget, this is YOUR journey. You have the map, travelers to help you along the way, and some damn good shoes. But only you can make your journey, because it is yours. I’m sharing my stories and how I’m doing things, but they can be totally and completely different compared to how you lose weight. You have to make it happen for yourself. And keep going, whether it be that first 5 pounds or those last 50 pounds. 

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Needless to say, I have learned a lot so far on my health and fitness journey. In these last 50 pounds, I’ve gained a lot of strength, physically and mentally. I’ve also opened up more about myself, had way more energy, and learned to love myself even moreso. 

So here’s to the next 50 pounds on this journey being just as life changing. Stick around, there’s more blog posts on the horizon!

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