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Hello there! I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful week! I am back to working creatively with a vengeance  after a much needed vacation. Last week, I had a wonderful time touring the original Magic Kingdom with my family. However, I did try my darndest while I was there to stay on the weight loss track. That being said, losing weight at Disneyland can be hard. I wish I did more research before I had left for my vacation to be successful. 

With that regret in hand, I decided that it might be helpful to you if I did that research in hindsight. Just in case you were thinking of taking a Disney vacation and needed a little guidance!

So, here is a mini-guide to losing weight at the Happiest Place on Earth

Losing Weight at Disneyland

A Round-Up Guide for Meals, Exercise and Other Important Weight Loss Advice

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Finding a balance of eating delicious food and eating all of the awesome obviously unhealthy food at the Disney Parks can be tricky. Especially since the calorie/macro information isn’t as readily available like it is in other locations. For me, I started off my day eating a fruit and yogurt parfait from Starbucks (320 cal) along with an apple (80 cal). That was about as healthy as my meals got on this trip, but I always started the day off strong! Here are some amazing websites that I’ve found to help you stay on-track on your Disneyland Vacation:

The Healthy Mouse have an awesome guide to eating healthier at Disneyland. I love their suggestions on how to swap things out to make the dine-in meals healthier. It’s also broken apart by land, which is super helpful for checking things while in the actual parks.

Have you tried the Chocolate Covered Bananas at Disneyland yet? They made it on Lifehack’s 10 Healthier Food Options At Disneyland That Taste Awesome. Definitely check out this list for some great snacking ideas!

Clean Eats & Treats shares their favorite healthy meals from their vacation. I love how Shannon breaks down her favorites in both the restaurants and the food carts. Those mangoes sound delicious!

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While I was in the parks, I thought that averaging 24,000 steps per day would be enough of a workout. But let me tell you, these past two days of getting back into it at the gym have be SO ROUGH. Looking back, I sincerely wish that I did at least a little more than walking on the fitness spectrum. So for next time, here are some easy, light, hotel friendly workouts:

20 Minute Quick Hotel Room HIIT Cardio Workout – How to Exercise While Traveling or on Vacation

5 Minute Hotel Room Workout from Montreal

8 QUICK TRAVEL WORKOUTS | Stay Fit on Vacation (Bed, Hotel Room, Airport, Beach, Stairs)

~~ Want more at-home workout videos? Check out this post here! ~~

My Journey Journal Update

So, while I’m here looking at all of my vacation photos, I came across photos of our last family trip to Disneyland, and oh man has the weight loss never been more apparent. Like, look at these differences:









Look at that! Those are two years apart! I think that’s awesome! PS, the wonderful person to the left of me is my little sister 🙂

Okay, real talk though: This trip reminded me a lot about who I was before I made my health and fitness a priority. I remembered how much my back hurt almost every day from just walking around, as I injured my back while on vacation. I remembered how easy it was to eat fatty, super sugary foods and not care about the calories, and how I woke up feeling sluggish and all-around not great. But mostly, this vacation reminded me that I don’t need fancy things to be happy. I don’t need all of this expensive Disney-made extraordinary entertainment to feel fulfilled everyday like I felt like I did two years ago. I create my own happiness now, and part of that includes eating healthier and going to the gym a lot.

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Have you been to a Disney park recently? What was your favorite cheat meal while there? Mine was the chocolate chip cookie sundae 🙂


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