My First Mile | My Journey Journal 14

My Journey Journal Week 14

My First Mile and Other Goals


Hello there! How are you? Can you believe that it’s already almost June? I’m still in shock that it’s not January anymore, let alone a whole different season! Regardless, I’m excited to see where next month takes me on my journey into health and happiness. I’ve accomplished so much in May that I’m still in shock. I ran a mile, I went kayaking, I dropped a dress size, and more!


I Ran a Mile!!

So if you’ve been on this blog for a while (or following my journey on Instagram), you know just how much of a struggle I’ve had in the past with running. Well, last Saturday I hit a huge mile stone (badum chhh!)

I ran my first mile ever! I’ve never been able to run a mile without stopping before. In fact, frustrations with running was part of the reason that I gave up on my weight loss last time. But not this time, ohhh no. This time I’m going all the way.

Here’s a cute side story

I’ve been running with my friend and he has seen me struggle with my weight, my running, my eating, everything. For eight years now. So he knew just how big of a deal being able to run a mile was to me.

So after I finally ran that mile, we walked around the track for a bit and then he made me close my eyes and placed this in my hands:

That friends, is my mile stone. I’m keeping it for the rest of my life.

Okay, enough cheesiness for this blog post.

Another Size Down

I went kayaking a couple of weeks ago, and to my horror, my pants fell down while I was trying to carry the kayak to the water. Heh. Go figure. I was expecting this to happen a little bit. What I wasn’t expecting to happen was my swimsuit to be too big as well.

So I went shopping last week, and to my surprise, I am now in the same dress and jeans size that I was rocking in the 6TH GRADE. You know, when I was 12. I think that’s just crazy. But I’m not going to complain too much.

Bring on the summer sun dresses!

I’m Running a Mud Run Next Month

There, I said it.

I’ve been planning to run one of these since January, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. I feel very unprepared (I’ve got to run three times longer and find some sort of arm strength real fast), but that’s kind of adding to the thrill of it in a weird way.

Regardless, I’m totally excited to see what I can do and start getting outside more often. It’s going to be so cool to run around in the mud like a little kid again.

My Journey Journal 14

Have you ever run a mud run before? Have any tips? Let me know in the comments section!

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