My Pants Are Too Small

My Pants Are Too Small

Motivational Monday #1


So about a month ago, I put in an order to Forever 21 for a new pair of jeans. Usually, I just about only buy jeans from Forever 21 because their jeans fit my legs and lower torso to a tee. Now I know that I’ve gained a little bit of weight since this summer, but all of my sizes have stayed the same across the board.

I was ecstatic to receive these jeans in the mail. Forever 21’s basic jeans are a staple of my wardrobe and I hadn’t bought a replacement pair of my now ripped black jeans since last spring. So, I pulled them out of the bag and slipped them right on – well, I tried to at least. They still fit perfectly on my legs, but when it came to buttoning them up, I knew right away that they simply were not going to work.

These were the pants that I’m talking about. They’ve ALWAYS fit right after I’ve bought them.

                These jeans wouldn’t zip up a centimeter and definitely wouldn’t go near buttoning. They were way too small in the hips and belly area. I was beyond upset. Now, Forever 21 is notorious for having their sizes run smaller than other brands. I’ve had to compromise with their tops, jackets, and sweaters, but I’ve never had a problems fitting into my regular pants size before.

It’s taken a couple of weeks, but I’ve started looking at the situation in two different ways: it’s motivation to lose some belly weight and the more important and relevant way: THE SIZE ON THE PANTS DOESN’T MATTER. Who cares if this size is too small?

It doesn’t matter. When I’m walking down the street, no one is going to know that I have had to size up my Forever 21 jeans because I don’t fit my old size now. People are either not going to notice that I’m even wearing jeans or if they do notice, they’re going to form their own opinions on my styling having no idea about my sizing-up.

Also, who care what other people think in the first place? I dress myself for me. I love my style, I’m confident in my clothing choices, and I think I look fabulous regardless of what clothes I’m wearing for the day.

So here’s what I want you to take away from this post: your size does NOT matter. The only thing that matters when it comes to wearing clothes out is that YOU are confident in yourself and your own style. Wear your style, rock it, make it work. You look awesome no matter what, and don’t let a number on a pair of pants tell you any different.

It's okay if your pants size is different from what it once was

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