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Why Hello There!

My Journey Journal Week 15 (Except Not Really)

Hello there! It’s been… What? Two months since I posted last. Again, I’ve had so much going on in both my personal life and career that I simply had to take a quick hiatus. But I am back in full swing once again! This time, with a few quick updates to this website as well as some cool things that I’ve been up to(HINT: it involves how I increased my running distance <3) (AND a how to of how I did them!). So let’s get into it!



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Now, I’m setting to fix this! I am switching over these My Journey Journal posts over to my weekly newsletter. So every Saturday, you will get a glorious email that has similar vibes to this post.

…But that’s not all that will be in there. Oh no, there’s way more cool stuff in store.

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my journey journal

I’ve Lost 48 Pounds!!!

It’s crazy to think that just half a year ago, I was carrying almost 50 pounds more on my body. Losing all of this weight has helped me physically do so much more than I ever thought I would be able to do.

I remember dreaming of the long and distant day that I would complete my first 5k, or have enough arm strength to do really anything in the gym. Well, my first 5k of the summer is in two weeks, and I already know that I can do it, because I’ve run longer distances on my own. Man, what a change.

I’m also training for the Mud Run coming up in September. I’m way less nervous now that I know what the obstacles are going to be though (except I’m apparently jumping over fire?! Don’t think I’ll be getting over that one any time soon).

my journey journal running long distances

I Can Run Forever Now!

Well, maybe not forever, but definitely a lot longer than I thought I was going to be able to this summer. My longest run to date is 3.5 miles, and I am just ecstatic about that.

I finally feel like I understand why people love running so much. It’s great cardio, the movement is consistent, and you can almost entirely zone out while you’re doing it without too many bad things happening. Plus, the endorphins are great!

That being said, running definitely taxes my body. My hips and legs are forever tight, all of my joints keep popping, and I have already messed up my knee a little bit once.

But it is so worth it for the sheer positive bliss it gives me alone, nevermind that it’s exercise.

My Journey Journal Running Forever

How I Increased My Running Distance

Needless to say, I definitely did not start out being able to run that far. It took a couple of months to increase my running distance to over three miles. But I really wanted it. I read books, scoured the internet, and bugged everyone I knew who might hold the secret of being able to run for more than ten seconds.

Eventually, I learned the secret. It’s the same super secret answer to every question I’ve had about weight loss and fitness so far.

Are you ready for the secret?


Yep, working on running a little bit everyday is going to be what gets you to your running goals in the end. But specifically, here’s what my first month-or-so looked like when I increased my running distance:

Week One: on a track, I’d run the corners and walk the straightaways for 6 times around the track

Week Two: I ran a quarter mile (one time around the track), then walked the other 3/4ths

Week Three: I ran half a mile (twice around the track), then walked the other half

Week Four: I took some time off from increasing distance to work on speed. I started doing small sprints at the end of my half miles.

After that: I alternated between running for speed and running for distance. I was running around 3-4 times a week at that point. And then once I got about two miles down, I started running away from the track.

My Journey Journal 15


Are you trying anything new this summer? Leave a comment below with your favorite thing to get out and do in the nice weather, and be sure to subscribe to my mailing list!

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  1. You are doing awesome! I agree that consistency is the key. Whether it’s losing weight, getting fit, learning to sew, whatever…you have to put the time in. The only thing that ever seems to work for me is taking the smallest step possible. When I set a new goal, I want to jump in head first. Rather than say “I’m going to work out 5x every week” I do better saying “I’m going to go for a 5 minute walk.” Usually once I’m doing it, momentum keeps me going and I feel motivated to do better. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Exactly! Back when I was first starting this weight loss journey in November, I had to really think about starting slowly. I wanted to do everything at once all the time and then got super discouraged when I couldn’t. Telling myself that everyone starts out a beginner was what really kept me going those first few months.

      Anyways, thank you so much for those kind words 🙂

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