Why is This Blog Here? My Path to Starting a Blog

Why I Started a Blog

And Why You Should Too

After graduating college last year, moving across the country (which is a totally different blog post in and of itself), moving back, finding a job, and now volunteering in the mornings before work, many people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that I am also starting a blog as well as a YouTube channel. Most people look at my schedule and think I’m absolutely nuts for wanting to spend even more time working on social media. But the truth is that I absolutely do. There are so many great reasons why starting a blog, regardless of the small amount of time you may have, is an absolutely fantastic idea. Here are my three main reasons for why I decided to take the plunge and start a lifestyle blog right now:


The Importance of Creativity


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a creative person. As a kid, I used to make printables and force my friends and little sister to fill them all out. When middle school hit, I started writing scripts for plays for my neighborhood friends and I to memorize and act out. I also picked up music and loved it. I ended up going to an arts high school to really hone in on my music and writing. Then, college came about and I let most of my artistic hobbies subside to work on other things.


But I missed it, and I knew I wanted that creative imagination back in my life. So I went back to my trusty neighborhood friends. I planned these very intricate over-imagined parties and was so excited when they agreed to take part. The parties ranged from murder mystery all the way to team competitions (complete with t-shirts!). Planning those parties were the absolute highlight of my time home from college. But as time went on, the expenses for these parties increased and the stress of making sure everything went as planned overwhelmed me. So, they ended up ceasing after the summer of 2015.


Now, a year later, I have a huge desire to find my next creative endeavor, and lifestyle blogging seems right up my alley. Spending these past few months learning about all the details and products needed to start a blog has relit my creative fire and pulled me back into imaginative bliss. I am so excited for how this blog is shaping and the possibilities that lie ahead in the future, and it is all due to keeping that creative drive alive.


The Mystery of Living an Unstructured Life


My time spent in college did a lot of great things for me. One of the biggest things that my three and a half years in college taught me was scheduling. This skill has helped me immensely so far, but it’s hard to keep working on it when it is mostly out of my hands. My workplace schedules when I work and for how long, and that takes up so much energy that I don’t want to commit to anything after work for fear of being too exhausted to show up. But I have a plan to take back my days.


I need to add more structure back into my life, and I feel that this blog can absolutely help me with that. I want to fill my mornings with interesting things, blog about what I’m up to, and take the time I need for myself in the evenings. This will give me so much more of that control that I desperately need back into my day that I’ll be able to be way more productive, be able to do the things that I love, and be able to share my adventures with all of YOU.


The Desire to Learn More


So I’ve sort of been alluding to it a lot, but I absolutely loved school. It provided me with steps to learn new skills and information, encouraged to meet like-minded people, and allowed me to intern and work with the coolest nonprofits around. After college, I found it a lot harder to find access to topics to learn about that interested me. But in creating and working on this blog, I have been able to find so much information on writing, search engine optimization, video editing, photography, and even business startup because having the goal of starting this has boosted my learning skills right back into gear, and I am 100% certain that this trend will continue as I work on more posts. Not only that, but creating weekly blog posts will have me learning things in a new way: learning by experiencing. Instead of reading and taking notes, I will get to learn through traveling, creating, running, dancing, swimming, eating, and all-around adventuring, and I think that’s pretty darn neat.


But What About You?

So that’s my story as to why I’m starting this blog. But I want to know about you, the reader! Would you ever consider starting a blog? What would you blog about? If you already have a blog, what is your niche?



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  1. I love this post, I love finding out how other people started their blogs and for what reasons!

    Mine started as a university project that I continued when I graduated. It was originally as a side line to my illustration business and was all about creative blogging but I quickly changed to all aspects of lifestyle last January and haven’t stopped since!

    Fab post hun and LOVE your bio underneath your header!!


    1. Aw, thanks!

      It’s definitely interesting to see how everyone got started in the blogging world. I love going back to a blogger’s first posts and seeing how they’ve changed over time.

  2. I’ve been on and off the idea of starting blogging all the way through Uni. I missed being creative, I missed using my camera! I love writing and I am relatively business minded (though I’m a Philosophy/Classics double major).

    Now that I’m done (finally) and I am working on building up several creative businesses (one of them being a wedding photography/videography collective) I really want one of them to be my creative corner so I can continue to write and use my skills and take on the challenge of mastering social media. I’m kind of excited about it and what it could possibly turn into. At the very least I am going to be able to refine all my skills with writing, social media and a new kind of scheduling.

    I think, like you, I want to go for a lifestyle blog aimed at people in their 20s because it can encompass a lot whilst still being a niche on its own, and its what excites me! I’ve got technical photography blogs and art/framing relates blogs for some businesses I do social media for, but I’ve always wanted to write about lifestyle and do my own thing. And with several photographers that I work alongside regularly, there is no shortage of people to help me create content and support me in this.

    I think it all excites and challenges me in a very similar way to you! I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to. Going to have to do a sneaky stalk of your socials I think :p

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of creative energy. That is so wonderful to hear and I’m glad you are continuing to further your writing and social media dreams. I took a quick peek at your instagram and immediately fell in love with your art style. I’ll definitely be checking out your blog too.

      I very highly suggest writing in the lifestyle niche. I’ve had some other blogs before this one (mostly for creative writing) but I really feel “at home” writing in this topic. I haven’t been posting much these past few weeks, but starting this Saturday I’m ramping things back up again. I really do hope you do stick around 🙂

  3. You kind of sound like me, with the millions of projects and creative interests even at a young age. I actually never thought of myself as a creative person until last year when I started my YouTube channel and my blog (which has now also turned into a t-shirt design business, a podcast, freelance writing, a scripted comedy series eventually…). Go figure that I consider myself lacking in creativity and ideas, right?

    There’s definitely LOADS of information out there and millions of people who are more than happy to help you. Your writing is awesome, judging from this post, so I think you’ll do well. Also love the theme, by the way. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for the incredibly sweet comment, Michael!

      That is definitely me. I have a feeling that within the year, I’m going to be adding so much on to my plate. Words can’t describe how excited I am.

      And do stay tuned! Lots of new content is coming in the next few weeks.

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